Every Married Woman In India Has Legal Rights

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Every married woman in India must know her legal rights. There have been several cases of kidnapping and abuse against married women in recent times. There are many such laws that protect a wife from violence by her husband or in-laws. A woman needs to be cautious and not get herself into such situations as it could jeopardize her entire future and even the continuation of her life.

The Indian Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to live with honesty and without fear of being attacked or harmed. It also guarantees the right to marry and to find true love. Hence, a married woman in India has the right to know and be aware of her legal rights. She should not allow her in-laws to abuse her or to force her into marriage against her will.

Married women in India have many legal rights such as protection against domestic violence, spousal abuse and child custody. Every state has its own laws to help women within its jurisdiction. However, if a woman wants to apply for a divorce, then the law is very clear that she should first give her husband a legal reason to do so. She should provide him with reasons which can withstand the court’s scrutiny. Once this is done, the court will grant the divorce and will notify the husband that he cannot contact his wife for a certain period of time.

There are various other legal rights possessed by married women in India such as maternity benefits, spousal support and child custody. Every woman must be paid remuneration according to the schedule approved by the law. This also includes all expenses related to getting pregnant and childbirth. The expenses include the fee to the doctors, medicines and nutrition. It also includes the hospital bills if the woman has to undergo surgery. If the husband has an income and does not get support from the woman, then he cannot apply for a divorce.

A woman must be able to prove that her husband is not financially sound. He should have some sources of income which can be shared with her. This means that the woman must have enough savings to meet her expenses and requirements. There are various programs which a woman can take up in order to improve her financial status. However, one must also remember that every Indian woman is entitled to claim a free financial aid from the government. This will be of immense help when she wants to buy something for herself or get any kind of medical help.

Apart from all these legal rights, there are various other important legal rights possessed by married women in India. They can easily change their name. There are numerous organizations which will help women change their names. But once the name is changed, she must register with the new name. Every married women in India must know the legal rights possessed by her and must use them for improving her status in life.

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